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About Our Team

Tom Conboy,  P.E., Principal Engineer

Tom Conboy, P.E., Principal Engineer - An internationally experienced Engineer and Project Manager, Mr. Conboy advised the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program in Kenya, and he led the initiative to develop a geospatial database. His accomplishments include sizing reservoir storage and optimizing operations for a billion dollar water resource project for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.

Mr. Conboy served as Project Manager for the Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiative in Florida. He provided engineering support, performed hydrologic modeling and developed stage-flow curves for the Restoration Plan for the Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River.

Mr. Conboy currently serves as the Principal Engineer for South Florida Engineering and Consulting, LLC, where he has obtained the designation as a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Program Cleanup contractor.

Christopher W. McVoy, Ph.D., Lead Environmental Scientist

Christopher W. McVoy, Ph.D., Lead Environmental Scientist - Dr. McVoy is an Everglades expert, author, elected official, wetland scientist and hydrologist. He brings a systems approach, is a noted educator and enthusiastic advocate for societal sustainability.

Dr. McVoy is an excellent communicator of science to policymakers and stakeholders. His experience includes environmental and agricultural research in the U.S., Germany, Costa Rica, India and Mexico.

Dr. McVoy is the principal author of "Landscapes and Hydrology of the Predrainage Everglades", University Presses of Florida. He is the Lead Environmental Scientist at South Florida Engineering and Consulting, LLC.

David W. Niemi, E.I., Environmental Engineer

David W. Niemi, E.I., Environmental Engineer - Mr. Niemi is an Environmental Engineer with more than twenty years of experience working on environmentally-sensitive publicly-owned lands in the South Florida area. During those years, he worked on projects from both the land-management and the environmental-engineering perspectives.

Mr. Niemi is an experienced Project Manager with experience working on multi-agency government projects. He uses AutoCAD, Excel, Pathfinder (GPS), and MS Word software as tools to complete project tasks. He is experienced using GPS and land-surveying equipment to help develop project-site plans and permit/construction plan drawings.

Andrew D. Gottlieb, Ph.D., Lead Scientist

Andrew D. Gottlieb, Ph.D., Lead Scientist - Andrew Gottlieb, Ph.D. more than 15 years of environmental consulting experience including habitat assessments, environmental restoration planning and project implementation, water quality investigations, vegetation mapping, and environmental policy. Andrew serves as Project Manager/Senior and Lead Scientist on environmental projects for both the public and private sectors. Published research in peer reviewed journals as well as presented research at both national and international conferences. Member of the Society for Ecological Restoration and the Society of Wetland Scientists.

Howard Dolginoff, Information Technologist

Howard Dolginoff, Consulting Information Technologist - Mr. Dolginoff possesses a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and extensive management experience in Information Technology. He has a proven ability to direct, oversee and contribute successfully to all stages of systems development.

Skilled at managing technology and technology migrations, Mr. Dolginoff is also a “hands on” systems, database and website developer. He is able to integrate multiple disparate information technology systems.

Mr. Dolginoff serves as Consulting Information Technologist for South Florida Engineering and Consulting, LLC.