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Surface Water Management Renewals for Construction/Operation Licenses

Broward County and other municipalities in South Florida require: Licensed projects shall be renewed sixty (60) days prior to expiration (typically every 5 years). Each renewal shall be accompanied by the applicable fee, a log of the operation and maintenance schedules for all components of the surface water management system, and a certification letter signed and sealed by a Florida registered professional engineer certifying that the components of the surface water management facilities are functioning as originally licensed.

SFEC will provide the following:

  1. Review. Review Swater Design Plan and As-built Drawings prior to site visit.
  2. Inspection (1). Perform Site visit/inspection. This task will be conducted by a Licensed Professional Engineer to identify maintenance needs on the surface water system and identify any modifications from the As-built Drawings, design plans or design standards.
  3. Report. Provide a written report on the observations from the site visit. This report will identify any maintenance needs and/or modifications to the surface water system. If there are no maintenance needs or modifications that need to be addressed, a Letter of Certification will be signed and sealed, and work will be considered to be complete.
  4. If indicated in the Report, the Client, will be responsible for performing needed maintenance and/or modifications on the system to bring any identified deficiencies up to design standards. SFEC can assist in finding contractors. The cost for any maintenance, modifications, survey work or engineering drawings is not included in this proposal.
  5. Inspection (2). Perform a second site visit upon completion by the Licensee of needed maintenance and/or modifications. This inspection is to verify that maintenance has been performed and that the system is ready to be inspected by Broward County. If the system is ready for inspection by the County, a Letter of Certification will be signed and sealed, and provided to the Client.
  6. The Client will be responsible for submitting the Letter of Certification and any fees to Broward County. Broward County will then inspect the surface water system and point out any deficiencies. If any deficiencies are found the Client will be responsible for bringing the system up to code.
  7. Inspection (3). Perform, if needed, a third and final site inspection. Provide another Letter of Certification, signed and sealed upon completion of the maintenance work identified by Broward County.

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