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ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER to develop, design and conduct hydrological investigations for use in water resource management decisions; Implement and apply models including Regional Simulation Model (RSM), South Florida Water Management Model (SFWMM) and HEC-RAS to support projects; Develop new simulation modeling tools to existing hydrologic and ecological simulation models using C++ and Python; Compile, analyze and review information and data used in hydrologic modeling analysis; Prepare and draft reports describing research results. Require: Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering or a closely related field with one year of experience in the job offered or as a Stormwater Engineer or Hydrologic Modeler; Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable. Apply by resume to: South Florida Engineering and Consulting LLC, 2475 Mercer Avenue, Suite 302, West Palm Beach, FL 33401; Attn: Job VK. - Posted 06/27/2017